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  • Neha Khandelia ! C.A. by Profession - Artist by Passion
    Neha Khandelia Class of 2012-13 Commerce

    Professional Achievements : Chartered Accountant

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    We are very proud of our alumni and are glad that they are performing extremely well in all their chosen fields of study and work. We take extreme care of our alumni and this platform is a testimony to that utmost concern. This is a platform for our alumni to keep in touch with friends, classmates, seniors, juniors, teachers and their Alma mater even after they finish schooling.

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    • Wisdom city,the most wonderful & chilled palace of my school life which served me advantitours & amazing things of study.i\\\'ll be remain insane & crazious to this palace & specially missed to Ravi Shankar Sharma sir whose motivational speech is really heart touching which gave me this platform . At last for any student,JIVEM is \\\"fit h boss\\\".

      Class of 2011

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