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  • Neha Khandelia ! C.A. by Profession - Artist by Passion
    Neha Khandelia Class of 2012-13 Commerce

    Professional Achievements : Chartered Accountant

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    • Wisdom city,the most wonderful & chilled palace of my school life which served me advantitours & amazing things of study.i\\\'ll be remain insane & crazious to this palace & specially missed to Ravi Shankar Sharma sir whose motivational speech is really heart touching which gave me this platform . At last for any student,JIVEM is \\\"fit h boss\\\".

      Class of 2011
    • Jhunjhunu Academy.. that’s the school where from i got, my plans about my future, my career thoughts and most important, my friends... Jab maine admission liya some questions I had in my mind like this, that, if and pla-pla, but when i studied, I’d got it that, “boss mere liye ye best hai” Thanks academy, my teachers, my batchmates and my friends for make me feel good.

      Vijay Kalyan 
      Class of 2008
    • jjn academy gave me wat i want-THE BEST PLATFORM.... i miss my school life so much.... thnx teachers,friends n other members of jjn academy for giving me a path of success...

      eva choudhary 
      Class of 2011
    • JAS This is that place from where i developed my leadership skills.Rite nw i m working in event management company as an event executor i got this job only from my exp which i got from my school (SARANG 2009) I whould like to thanx ARVIND SHARMA SIR and ASHUTOSH MODI SIR for helping me n gave me a chance to work with them in that even.Thanx to all my teachers for making me wat i m. DEEPAK SEKHAR.

      Deepak sekhar 
      Class of 2009
    • Contd..... Jise Chahtein hai Dilse wo apna ho jaaye Baarish mein bhegein aur Zor se Gaaye Duniya ko bhul kar phir bache ban jaaye... Bheed se dur 1 duniya basaye... Saari zindagi bas yuhi kat jaaye... Kaash ye saare sapne sach ho Jaaye... Har Ghadi dil chahta hai aisa ho Jaaye.... Har Ghadi dil chahta hai aisa ho Jaaye.... Mohit Gupta (2003 Batch Alumni)

      Class of 2003
    • Jhunjhunu Academy is where i spent the most precious moments of my life. I shall remain ever indebted to all teachers and the conducive environment which helped me shape myself as an accomplished professional. I still feel the seeds of my success today were sown in Jhunjhunu Academy. Thank you for making me what I am today.

      Ashutosh Modi 
      Class of 2000