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    • School and Society.....

      ANU DANIEL  10/04/2011

      It is known to all that the relation between school and society is very close and integral. We cannot think of a school without a society and on the other hand, a society without school is quite absurd. Therefore, the school should arrange its programs in such a way that they strengthen the relationship between school and society. We know that programs in school must be planned and should be based on the social tradition and principles. So a learner must be acquainted with such experience which is relevant to his or her social life. This acquaintance makes the learner able to solve the social problem and satisfy the social needs. The school must play an active part to relate itself with the society. Society is an ever changing entity. A school has to keep pace with the changing society and to do that the curriculum should be reviewed regularly keeping in mind the change in social demand and needs.