Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City, Jhunjhunu

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated at Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City with a lot of patriotic fervour. JIVEM Chairman Dr. Dilip Modi, Managing Director Mrs. Nirja Modi along with Special Guest Major Jai Ram Singh hoisted the national flag and signalled the commencement of the festivities.

Special Guest Major Jai Ram Singh highlighted the tremendous progress made over the 76 years since independence, attributing this success to virtues such as patience, resilience, honesty, hard work, and dedication.

JIVEM Chairman Dr. Dilip Modi also recounted Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City’s achievements in the past year, applauding not only the faculty and staff but also acknowledging the contributions of security guards, housekeeping personnel, plumbers, technicians, and construction workers, all of whom were cheered by the audience.

Special Guest Major Jai Ram Singh, Managing Director Nirja Modi, School Director Akash Modi, Creative Director Garima Modi & Hostel Director Kurdaram Dhinwa, School Principal Dr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, Vice Principal Saroj Singh, Headmistress Uma Sharma, School Administrator Kamlesh Kulhari and other faculty and staff were attendance of the festivities.

The programme also witnessed an awe-inspiring parade and several cultural activities that were put up by the student community.