Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City, Jhunjhunu

Jhunjhunu Academy is one of the most popular and sought after educational institutions in Rajasthan. It has gained popularity in a short span of time and is being recognized as one of the top ranking institutes with high standard education, modern infrastructure facility and emphasis on the all round development of the students. The admission procedure of the school is selective and based on student achievements at Jhunjhunu Academy. In fact, the school is one of the top 10 school in Rajasthan that has students not only from Jhunjhunu but also from other parts of Rajasthan. Parents understand that on receiving admissions in this school their children will be put on the right footing for future achievements.

Eligibility Criteria

As for the age, the candidate should be within the required age limits, which, along with meeting the previous class requirements, the child should have passed the previous class at a recognized school with deserving results. Students seeking transfer also need to sit for an admission test and interview with the school administration for admission to grade 6 and above.

This implies that for the nursery / KG level, there are no educational requirements for any child to be admitted. This is true even though the school only examines the child’s readiness informally as noted earlier.

Jhunjhunu Academy – Top School in Rajasthan

Over the last decade or so, Rajasthan has risen to the ranks among the top performers in the education system in India. Education is nowadays well provided for by high-quality schools and colleges across major cities and even small towns, thus parents and students have been provided with numerous facility options. However, there is one school which has carved a niche for itself in Rajasthan and is a top 10 school in Rajasthan – Jhunjhunu Academy situated in Jhunjhunu town.

Legacy of Excellence

Jhunjhunu Academy, best school in Jhunjhunu city Rajasthan, and is steadily progressing towards glory as one of the best academies in the region, with emphasis on the academic success and the overall personality development of the students. The school has excellent facilities including equipment, and teaching staff with adequate teaching experience and a visionary leadership, responsive to the challenge to provide quality education. However, the major advantage of Jhunjhunu Academy is that extra concern is paid to the organization of the process of education and development of the students with the aim to help them turn into socially responsible and sensitive leaders of the society.

World-Class Infrastructure

Jhunjhunu Academy, one of the top cbse schools in Jhunjhunu, infrastructure is also one of the best with it having acres of campus similar to those of India’s premier international schools. Modern elements such as smart boards and screens are incorporated into the lessons as the classrooms are air-conditioned. There are well-stocked libraries for students, several science and computer labs to support students’ passion, an art studio, and an auditorium for special events.

Unparalleled Extracurricular Opportunities

Unlike other schools, Jhunjhunu Academy is also focused on sports, cultural, and hobby activities where children are also encouraged to build multiple talents. They are able to select more than 15+ comprehensive sports training offered under various trainers, many of whom are past and present zonal/national school sporting representatives. Time and again, the school has excelled in all sports activities including the cricket, football, lawn tennis and basketball competitions.

Innovation in Teaching Practices

The teaching learning process at Jhunjhunu Academy is initiated with the ideas of teaching learning solutions far earlier than other CBSE schools of Rajasthan. Technology such as videos, simulations, models, 3D modeling and educational games are employed during learning activities to enhance the interest of the teachers and the students. as opposed to conventional writing on board or lecturing method which is commonly referred to as chalk ‘n talk. Seminar and special workshops conducted by guest faculty in particular streams ensure that students are aware of practical professional vision and enhance thinking skills.

Key Highlights of Admission Process

  • Total openness of procedures, equal opportunities and meritocracy
  • Stress is upon the ‘discussion’ part to ensure that the school is right for the child.
  • The ability to visit the school of their choice and communicate with the teachers/authorities at any given time before enrolling in the school.
  • Support offered in case any clarification is required by the concerned applicant while filling the form or submitting the documents.

Infrastructure and Faculty

One of the main things that put Jhunjhunu Academy,  a top 10 school in Rajasthan in a different class is the facility it offers that is almost at par with the best school of metro cities. The 20-acre campus is equipped with:

  • Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms
  • The digital inventory and smart classrooms
  • Proper science lab and computer lab, well-equipped sports and language labs.
  • Playground and play court areas with more than one.
  • 1:From class one to class eight there is 1:20 teacher student ratio while for senior classes it is 1:35 teacher student ratio.
  • A transport that is safe and closely monitored to ensure that there is no transport facility that endangers the lives of people.

It also has a very competent teaching staff consisting of highly qualified and professional teachers who help each child to develop his or her full potential while promoting a culture of participation, innovation and hard work in class.


Such a great infrastructure and a pool of talented and dedicated staff at such quite affordable fee structures make Jhunjhunu Academy among the top 10 school in Rajasthan where one can get education of international standards. In essence, the school recruits the most qualified set of students into its entity each year through a clear admission regime.