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Jolly Angels Pre School, the flagship Kids School of Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City  

Jolly Angels is an learning space intended for children aged 3 to 5 years old. It is an early childhood education program that provides a foundation for a child’s development and prepares them for elementary school.

Jolly Angels typically focus on teaching children fundamental skills such as socialization, communication, cognitive development, and motor skills through age-appropriate activities and play.

The primary goal of Jolly Angels is to promote the healthy growth and development of children in a safe and stimulating environment. Our mother teachers use various teaching methods and hands-on activities to enhance children’s learning experiences.

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3 to 4 years

To set a firm foundation in the early years of preschool, quality early childhood education is vital for the overall development of a child. The Nursery syllabus has the right array of activities and learning environment that help a child move towards achieving their learning goals. Quality education in the early years of preschool, lays a strong foundation to develop socially and emotionally. The nursery education engages children in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition, and problem solving.


4 to 5 years

At Jolly Angels Kids School, the Lower Kindergarten (LKG) curriculum ensures a smooth transition to formal schooling. Children learn age-appropriate activities in various areas like English language, numbers, general knowledge, music, physical development, and art. The Jolly Angels Proprietary programmes for Phonics and school readiness makes it one of the best preschools in India. Child development is observed and assessed thrice in a year using a well-designed progressive matrix. Our pedagogy Péntemind – The Learning Minds is aligned to the guidelines of NEP – National Education Policy 2020


5 to 6 years

Jolly Angels is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs and promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. The curriculum for the UKG class has been structured to foster the development of lifetime cognitive skills. We encourage our children to become accomplished readers and writers, skilled in mathematics and practiced in the arts of observation, creative thinking, and problem solving. We provide opportunities for children to question and express their curiosity, which results in developing confidence, independence, and high self-esteem. The classrooms provide nurturing, child-centered settings for children to master their language, math, science, social, and sensorial skills.


6 to 7 years

Class First offers children the chance to display their potentials. By now they are aware of the opportunities offered by their environment and use them to the fullest. They are exposed to wider vocabulary and can express themselves well. They are conscious of their self-esteem and are now more confident. They are exposed to simple addition and subtraction. They are to learn combinations of primary colors to form secondary colours. They are made to study patterns and continue with the next combination. They are to learn logical reasoning through solving simple puzzles. They are to learn reading using rhyming words. They are taking out of the school on field trips to enable them explore their environment to the fullest.

Jolly Angels Kids School | Wisdom City | Jhunjhunu

Single Campus Multiple Opportunities


IIT JEE & NEET foundation, Olympiads & NTSE, Sainik/Military & Navodaya, Defense and Sports


Plethora of subject options from Jolly Angels to grade XII


Specialized career coaching in addition to the regular CBSE Board and yearly exams.

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Jason Response

Education Assistant

Jonquil Von

Teaching Assistant

Piff Jenkins


Brian Cumin

Team Leader

Hanson Deck

Education Assistant

Alan Fresco


Student Satisfaction

Student Community

Jhunjhunu Academy is the top school of Jhunjhunu district. Here teachers are incredibly smart
people. The general growth of the children is strongly encouraged at this institution. The school's
playground is sizable. The school has excellent discipline. All children are treated equally. Good
approach to teaching & learning.


When they point out mistakes, teachers are nice and courteous. Every month, the school plans
amusement events. The school offers many possibilities for students to better their overall growth.
Discipline, respect, and responsibility are being taught by educators.
The environment at the school is lovely.
I love this school very much.


I would like to thank and congratulate the founder members as well as the entire faculty of Jhunjhnu
Academy for establishing such a holistic place for the all round development of children. Children are
nurtured here with great care and positive learning environment. My child finds joy in learning
because of the interesting teaching learning method followed by the efficient teachers. I wish best of
luck for their future endeavors.


It is a very friendly school and has a warm feel. I think there is a wide range of activities for the
children, they also get the chance to experience things outside of the school.
Excellent care, guidance and support for children, parents & staff. An interesting, engaging broad &
balanced curriculum children learn in a safe and happy environment.


I'm very happy to see the changes in my children after sending them to Jhunjhunu Academy. They
have shown improved performance in terms of academics, sports as well as extra curricular
activities. The teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly. I admire the hard work and efforts put
in by the teachers and bringing out the creative talents which are within these kids. Sending them to
this school and that too in boarding was a good decision.

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