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At Jhunjhunu Academy, we believe in the holistic development of our students, emphasizing both academic and extracurricular achievements. On 29th June, we proudly hosted an exhilarating Inter-house Cross Country Race (2 km), bringing together the vibrant energy and competitive spirit of our boys across various class groups. Our school Principal Dr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, Vice Principal Mrs. Saroj Singh, Headmistress Mrs. Saroj Singh, Administrator Mr. Kamlesh Kulhari and Sports Head Mr. Amit Singh duly initiated the cross country race with great enthusiasm by waving the green flag.

The event was segmented into three categories: Classes 5-6, Classes 7-8, and Classes 9-12. Each race was a testament to the dedication and athletic prowess of our young runners, showcasing their determination and teamwork.The race was a close contest, but ultimately, the following students segments from the various emerged victorious:

Classes 5-6:

– 1st Place: Lokesh of class 5 (Mercury House)

– 2nd Place: Ayush of class 6 (Jupiter House)

– 3rd Place: Ayush of class 6 (Venus House)

– 4th Place: Vinay of class 6 (Venus House)

Classes 7-8:

– 1st Place: Mohammad Taj of Class 8 (Venus House)

– 2nd Place: Hitesh of Class 7 (Mercury House)

– 3rd Place: Gyanu of Class 8 (Jupiter House)

– 4th Place: Isran of class 8 (Mercury House)

Classes 9-12:

– 1st Place: Anas of Class 10 (Venus House)

– 2nd Place: Dev of Class 11 Commerce (Neptune House)

– 3rd Place: Vishal of Class 12 Science (Venus House)

– 4th Place: Mohammad Shahid of Class 12 Humanities (Jupiter House)

The Inter-house Cross Country Race was not just about winning but also about fostering a sense of team spirit, sportsmanship, and school spirit. It was heartwarming to see students cheering for their peers, showcasing the unity and support that Jhunjhunu Academy stands for.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and winners. Your hard work and dedication have made this event a resounding success. Special thanks to our teachers, staff, and volunteers who organized and managed the event seamlessly.

We look forward to many more such events that encourage our students to excel in all dimensions of their lives. Let’s keep the spirit of competition and companionship alive!

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