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Jhunjhunu Academy believes in fostering an environment where our students can thrive both academically and personally. As part of our commitment to comprehensive education, we recently hosted a highly informative and engaging seminar on puberty, led by the esteemed gynecologist, Dr. Manisha as a part of our series of health talks organized by us throughout the year.

#### Addressing the Needs of Growing Minds

The seminar, held for girls from classes 5th to 12th, aimed to provide our students with a clear understanding of the changes they will experience during puberty. This crucial stage of development often brings with it many questions and uncertainties. Dr. Manisha’s expertise and approachable manner made it easier for the students to grasp complex concepts and feel more at ease about the natural changes occurring in their bodies.

#### Key Topics Covered

During the seminar, Dr. Manisha covered a range of essential topics, including:

1. Physical Changes: Understanding the physical transformations such as growth spurts, development of secondary sexual characteristics, and menstrual cycles.

2. Emotional Well-being: Discussing the emotional roller-coaster that often accompanies puberty, emphasizing the importance of mental health and self-care.

3. Hygiene and Health: Providing practical advice on maintaining personal hygiene and understanding the significance of nutrition and exercise during this period.

4. Self-esteem and Confidence: Encouraging girls to embrace their changes with confidence and promoting positive body image.

#### An Interactive Learning Experience

One of the highlights of the seminar was the interactive Q&A session. Our students had the opportunity to ask Dr. Manisha their questions directly, creating an open and supportive environment for discussion. This interaction not only cleared up many misconceptions but also empowered the girls with knowledge and confidence.

#### A Step Towards Holistic Education

At Jhunjhunu Academy, we understand that education extends beyond textbooks. Providing our students with accurate and comprehensive information about puberty is a vital part of their growth and development. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Manisha for her time and dedication in delivering such a valuable session.

We look forward to hosting more such informative and empowering events in the future, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to navigate all aspects of life with knowledge and confidence.

Stay tuned for more updates and events at Jhunjhunu Academy!

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