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Boarding schools like Jhunjhunu Academy are a very popular type of schools, especially internationally, and the process of joining such a school can be very interesting as well as challenging for students. The above mentioned sections reflect that leaving home and getting accommodated in a hostel have their own set of prospects and challenges. But, if the right strategies are employed, the students have what can be made of their boarding school in Rajasthan. Here are 10 tips to help you thrive during your time at a boarding school in the state:

1. Build a Daily Routine

The first thing any new member of a boarding school in Rajasthan should embark on is the establishment of a proper natural schedule. Developing specific wake-up, studying, activity, and sleep timings is not only beneficial for the body, but it will also discipline the subject. A schedule will assist you in creating order in the way you organize yourself to avoid being overwhelmed by the many tasks that you have to do. Make sure to incorporate all significant tasks such as class sessions, independent learning, physical activities, etc., into the schedule. To derive the best results, follow it with a lot of discipline and determination.

2. Establish and maintain Friendly associations

Most of the students like the hostel life because everybody has the chance to make good friends and relationships. Try to communicate more with your roommates as well as other class fellows. Discuss subjects that are close to your heart, passions, or origins. Therefore, it is my belief that developing good friendships will enhance my experience in the boarding school. Also, make friends with teachers and wardens since they will help in monitoring the situation. Building friendly relations with them can prove helpful in gaining good advice and directions whenever required.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Although there are certain challenges when it comes to boarding school, one should seize the opportunity to be out of their comfort zone. This may be in the form of debates, drama, singing and dancing competitions etc even if you are naturally not talented in these areas. The exposure will help you build your confidence as well as help you to realize new abilities within you.

4. Get New Interests & Activities

The advantage of attending a boarding school is the ability to select various skills, and hobbies, that one would not be able to acquire elsewhere. Ensure you utilize other facilities like music making rooms, balls and other sporting equipment as well as art and craft rooms that could be present in the hostel.

5. Seek Help When Needed

Studying or dealing with any academic or personal issue becomes usual when children are in a challenging environment of boarding schools. If you feel that you need help then always go to your teachers, wardens or counselors to seek assistance. Pointing out problems is not a sign of weakness but wise.

6. Manage Your Finances

Being in a top 10 school in Rajasthan, it is ideal that you should start learning how to manage your own money from an early age. It’s wise to have a monthly budget that you spend on various needs like going out with friends, calling home, and other miscellaneous expenses should be factored in the budget. It is also very important to have an emergency budget.

7. Take care of yourself

First and foremost, the welfare of a boarding school pupil should consider maintaining their health. Closeness in the shared dorms and bathrooms puts a lot of emphasis on hygiene and sanitation practices. It is important that you wash your hands prior to each meal so that you do not acquire infections. Ensure you eat all classes of food or nutrients without exaggeration. Always take time and engage in some sporting activities or gym for exercise for body fitness as well.

8. Keep in touch with family

While creating new relationships at boarding school, one does not lose connection with family back home which is also very significant. It should be taken as a norm to call parents, grandparents and other siblings occasionally using the phone or through video conferencing. Maintaining a close touch through writing letters or sending emails also reduces the distances that separate people.

9. Manage Homesickness

In any boarding school in Rajasthan, homesickness is a major issue that young boarders have to cope with at their initial days in school. It is true that when one is away from family and experiences a totally different environment, he or she may feel lonely, anxious or depressed. Here are some tips to tackle missing home while at Rajasthan boarding school:

  • Do not get idle most of the time because doing classes, activities, etc helps avoid getting depressed most of the time.
  • Try to have happy and friendly people around you, who you can consider as friends or family members.
  • Bring items that remind you of home such as pictures, comfort food, favorite blankets or any item that makes you feel close to home.
  • Discuss concerns with other residents for understanding rather than keeping quiet for the sake of not disturbing others.
  • If the sadness lasts for so long, join school counseling.

10. Work hard but don’t forget to take breaks as well

It is important for students to take breaks in between study sessions especially during extended cramming sessions – and we know this at Jhunjhunu Academy – one of the top 10 schools in Jhunjhunu. De-stress yourself by the virtue of gossiping with friends or engaging in other activities or just relaxing. The mental pauses will energize you to do more when you get back to work, and that means you will be focusing more as compared to before. It means that, while dedicating as much time to your studies as possible is a great way to live in a boarding school, using your intelligence together with the skills that are gained in the process of working, is the way to succeed even more.


In other words, through the use of these various forms of boarding strategies, students can ensure that their changeovers are seamless and that they perform to the best of their abilities at school. Therefore it’s advisable to prepare, work hard and have the right attitude. Your boarding school in Rajasthan journey will be simply excellent with Jhunjhunu Academybest school in Jhunjhunu city Rajasthan!