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“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but its persistence. Permanence, perseverance and persistence are the magical attributes before which obstacles disappear, disappointment vanishes into air and success bows its head.”

At Jhunjhunu Academy, we recently held a Merit Badge Distribution ceremony to honor our outstanding students from both the primary and senior segments. This event celebrated achievements in various areas, including academic improvement, handwriting improvement, best attendance, best mentorship, best behavior, best hygiene, best spoken English, best discipline, and the achievements of various classes in these criteria were also commended.
Students who displayed their dedication and hard work and were awarded merit badges are:
Junior Section(Classes III to V):
• Best Discipline – Vinayak (V B), Shaurya Sharma (V A)
• Best Hygiene – Bulbul (III A), Harshit Swami (IV A)
• Best in Spoken English –YashasviKhetan (V A), Tanvee (IV B)
• Best in Attendance – Harshwardhan (V A), YugChoudhary ( III A)
• Best Behavior – Pallavi (IV A), Manjeet (V B)
• Best Handwriting – Dikshita (III A), Yashvi (IV B)
• Improvement in Handwriting –Aarohi (V B), Garvit (IV B)
• Improvement in Handwriting – Ishan (III A), Ishika (IV A)
• Best Mentor –Kapish (IV B)
• Best Class in terms of:
Discipline – IV B ,
Spoken English – V A,
Attendance – III A
Middle Section (Classes VI to VIII):
• Best Discipline – KanishkChahar (VII A), Diksha (VIII A)
• Best Hygiene – Vanshika (VII A), Jay Goswami (VIII B)
• Best in Spoken English – Tejas (VI A), Shlok (VII A)
• Best in Attendance – KanishkMahla (VIII B), AbhigyanSaini( VIII A)
• Best Behavior – Bhavarjeet (VI B),Rishit (VII B)
• Best Handwriting – Himanshu (VI B), NidhiSultania (VIII B)
• Improvement in Handwriting – AarushRaturi (VIII B), KartikJanu (VIII A)
• Improvement in Handwriting – Ansh (VII B), Ridhika (VI A)
• Best Mentor – Charvi (VIII B)
• Best Class in terms of:
Discipline –VIII B ,
Spoken English – VII A,
Attendance – VI A
Senior Section(Classes IX to XII):
• Best Discipline – Kanak Sharma (IX G), AnujLamba (IX F),Rehan (X F), Akhilesh (S1E), Aarav (A1E)
• Best Hygiene – Saifaan (IX G),Vanshika (X E), UjjwalMeena (X F), YutikaKedia (C1E), Vinayak Gupta (C2E)
• Best in Spoken English –Priyanshi (S1E), Vanisha (S2E)
• Best in Attendance – Sameer (S1F), Nisha (A1E), DevShekhawat (C1E), Yojit (S2E)
• Best Behavior – Krishna Meena (IX E), Mohd. Salman (IX E), JigyashaKandu (IX F), Yuvraj Singh (X E), Sparsh (X F)
• Best Handwriting – Sakshi (IX G), Sakshi Singh (C2E), Manvi (S1E), Anshu Swami (A2E)
• Best Mentor –Chanchal(S1F), AanchalPandey (S2F)
The Merit Badge Distribution ceremony at Jhunjhunu Academy was a celebration of hard work, dedication, and positive behavior. We are incredibly proud of our meritorious students and look forward to their continued growth and success.

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