Jhunjhunu Academy Wisdom City, Jhunjhunu

In the vast arena of Jhunjhunu Academy, under the wide open sky and across the lush green campus, excitement filled in the air as girls from grades 5 to 12 gathered for thrilling Inter House Cross Country Race. This event wasn’t just about running fast; it was a test of endurance, teamwork, and the invincible spirit of our students.

The race was split into three categories based on grade levels: grades 5-6, grades 7-8, and grades 9-12. Each group showcased determination and athleticism, navigating a challenging 1 km course. Cheers and encouragement echoed through the arena as spectators and fellow students cheered on their peers, fostering a sense of fellowship and support for their respective houses. Each participant pushed themselves to the limit, symbolizing the values of sportsmanship and determination that define Jhunjhunu Academy.

The race commenced with a wave of the flag and a clap from Principal Dr. Ravi Shankar Sharma, Vice Principal Mrs. Saroj Singh, Head mistress Mrs. Uma Sharma, Administrator Mr. Kamlesh Kulhari and the Head of Sports Mr. Amit Singh, signaling the start of the exhilarating competition.

At the finish line, amidst thunderous applause, the following students emerged out as champions:

*Classes 5-6:*

– *1st Place: Vanshu of class 6 (Neptune House)

– *2nd Place: Jhalak of class 5 (Jupiter House)

– *3rd Place: Ridhika of class 6 (Mercury House)

– *4th Place: Vanshika of class 5 (Venus House)

*Classes 7-8:*

– *1st Place: Samaira of Class 7 (Venus House)

– *2nd Place: Meghna of Class 7 (Venus House)

– *3rd Place: Shreyashi of Class 7 (VenusHouse)

– *4th Place: Charvi of class 8 (Neptune House)

*Classes 9-12:*

– *1st Place: Jiya of Class 10 (Venus House)

– *2nd Place: Happy of Class 12 Arts (Neptune House)

– *3rd Place: Anshu of Class 10 (Mercury House)

– *4th Place: Komal of Class 10 (Venus House)

The Inter House Cross Country Race not only celebrated athletic prowess but also underscored the importance of resilience, teamwork, and community spirit. It was a day filled with unforgettable moments of triumph and solidarity that will resonate throughout the walls of Jhunjhunu Academy.

Congratulations to all participants, organizers, and supporters for making this event a resounding success! Let’s continue to strive for excellence both on and off the track, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and unity that defines our school.

Keep Striding, Keep Inspiring!