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Top 10 Boarding Schools in India with Coaching

Selecting the kind of boarding school that your child should attend is one of the most crucial decisions that you can make as a parent. While choosing a boarding school, one has to look not only for the academic results that the school guarantees but also for the personality that the school will help to shape for the further life. Which Boarding Schools Should I Choose for My Child? Considering the fact that among the top 10 boarding schools in India, how does one go about selecting the most appropriate school for his or her child? Here are the top 10 signs to look for when selecting a premier boarding school in India with coaching:

1. Proven Track Record of Excellence

It is very important to have a record of past performance that showcases the institution’s academic strength, university placements, and success stories. Consider the following for all top 10 boarding schools in India: results of board examinations, university admission, achievements such as awards, scholarships etc. for the last 5-10 years or even more. For example, Jhunjhunu Academy, one of the leading Institutes has exhibited a consistent and excellent performance in board results for more than a decade.

2. Variety of Academic Streams

Many schools still follow division of different fields of study – Science, Commerce, Humanities – at one place. Some also include such off-beat topics like robotics, aeronautics, philosophy, etc. This curriculum prepares students for all the possible fields before they narrow down to a specific field or area of interest. Out of the streams available in Jhunjhunu, there are as many as 3 different streams of education on offer.

3. Focus on Holistic Development

Education should not only involve books and other forms of text. Extra curricular activities for arts, sports, community services, and any other activities that help in developing and nurturing special interests and talents should not miss out in the list. Activities such as MUNs, music contests, sports events, etc., help the student in turn to become a holistic individual. Jhunjhunu Academy has over 25 co-curricular activities that can be done on the school and college premises.

4. Modern Infrastructure & Facilities

Campus infrastructure such as technology enhanced learning environment, Libraries, science and computer laboratories, sporting arenas and facilities etc. provide an enabling environment. Accommodation, foods, transport and medical facilities with boarding having air condition facilities and comfortably furnished with modern dining and recreation amenities. Being one of the best institutes of Jhunjhunu, Jhunjhunu Academy has all the modern facilities available in its campus.

5. Qualified & Dedicated Faculty

Only a teaching faculty with postgraduate degrees along with trained coaching staff can impart such quality education. Small that student to teacher ratio allows one on one interaction between the teacher and the students. Most of the teachers teaching in Jhunjhunu Academy are highly qualified subject matter content and have a love for teaching.

6. Safety & Security Measures

When the parent decides to take his or her child to boarding school one of the things that the parents will be concerned with is safety. The essential requirements are security measures such as surveillance by security cameras, having controlled access to the rooms, being supervised by wardens and so on. Jhunjhunu is a safe and secure town with no record of any mishap and the security guards are on duty 24/7.

7. Coaching for Competitive Exams

Career guidance along with specific subject test preparation, individual counseling and sample exams boosts the chances further. Away from classroom instructions like special tutorials, doubt clearing sessions etc., students prepare well for competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, NDA etc. The schools in Jhunjhunu city are among the best coaching places that have an above 90 percentile of selection for the written exams.

8. Attention to Student Health

Obviously, it is a known fact that the health of the body directly translates to the health of the mind. Nutritious and clean food, medical check-ups, professional and experienced nurses, and a doctor on call ensures that students’ health is paramount to the institution. Another aspect of psychological health is also upheld by the organizational psychologists and counselors. Jhunjhunu has complied with health guidelines and has full time medical staff.

9. Parent Engagement Programs

Boarding schools have a culture of notifying parents and involving them through PTM meetings, newsletters, website access, etc., regarding the child’s progress, issues, and other activities in school. As for the complete transparency between the best school in Jhunjhunu city Rajasthan and parents, it is still true.

10. Strong Alumni Network

Having an alumni network that is actively participating is what makes an institution famous and enlists it among top 10 boarding schools in India. If alumni praise their school, even after they have left the premises for many years, it is apparent that the school, which nurtured them, is also excellent and remains connected with its students. A number of people from Jhunjhunu Academy are alumni and they maintain regular interaction through the reunion, social sites and selection process.


It is a very important decision to make to have your child attend the right boarding school among top 10 boarding schools in India, since it will help determine the kind of person they will be in the future. Some of the considerations should include the schools’ past performance, the different streams and activities offered, the current infrastructure, the teachers’ quality, safety standards, medical facilities, parent involvement, and the students’ successes in their future careers. All these aspects point to an institution committed to the noble cause of nurturing the students to achieve their desired dreams in university and life. Choosing such a leading boarding school as Jhunjhunu Academy prepares your child for a successful personal and later on career life since the school aims at offering quality education that entails academic knowledge together with practical experiences. The kind of boarding school you choose today sets the foundation for your child’s future.